How to draw a bunny


This is my first post - it is really scary -- four years have passed since I posted the last time.

In 2015 I took my website down. Then moved to the beautiful mountains of Oregon in a meditation center and 30 year old organic farm. It was a time of healing and learning. As I experienced new challenges, my creativity flourished in new ways. I am always curious, eager to learn and I take ideas in my head to a new level, this is who I am.

Creativity found me in our community kitchen – and I learned to cook delicious vegan meals for staff and community. There was the baking fun time; I still play with the idea to open a vegan gluten free café sometimes.

The alchemist inside got creative with collecting and mixing herbs to teas, tinctures and natural remedies. I completely recharged in the pristine nature of the land as well as the daily focus on meditation and going inside.

It has been a time of intense stretching showing me what my passion truly is.

I discovered that the driving force behind all of my endeavors is actually very simple – I thrive on serving. True Service allows me to experience and share our brilliant light within with one another. I love it. Therefore it does not matter what I choose to do; as long as I stay true to myself, I will be fulfilled.

Now, there is a new chapter unfolding in my life (Chiron moved into Aries, and Mars into Capricorn). I want to focus on graphic design and working with clients. But a four years break in the digital era?

And just when I held my breath and doubted myself, I stumbled into the quote which says that every journey starts with one single step ….. so I took my first step and drew a bunny.