4 Principles to live without Guilt

The emotion of “Guilt” can be paralyzing for some people. A person can feel guilty for something he did, for something he did not, for something he thought he did, or for believing not doing enough.
Guilt lowers the life energy. It reduces vitality. It drains the immune system and diminishes the capacity of being inspired or creative.

I came across these 4 most valuable principles. They are timeless and they helped me to overcome guilt and regret. They are derived from ancient Indian scriptures and simplified my life when negative emotions sabotage my abundant mindset:

  1. Whatever will happen, has to happen that way.
  2. Whom you meet in your life, you meet for a certain reason; not by accident nor chance.
  3. Whatever has to begin at a certain time, will only begin at that time; neither before nor after.
  4. Whatever is over, is over. Don’t hold on to the past.

The opposite of ‘guilt’ is ‘deserving’.

When we understand that we deserve fulfillment, a fountain opens and allows us to receive fulfillment. There is always a base ready to flow. We can create or maximize the faucet.

When was the last occasion in your creative process when you felt fulfilled? Can you identify what blocks it? Maybe it is guilt. Maybe these 4 principles help you too.

Be the owner of your creative process!

How to draw a bunny


This is my first post - it is really scary -- four years have passed since I posted the last time.

In 2015 I took my website down. Then moved to the beautiful mountains of Oregon in a meditation center and 30 year old organic farm. It was a time of healing and learning. As I experienced new challenges, my creativity flourished in new ways. I am always curious, eager to learn and I take ideas in my head to a new level, this is who I am.

Creativity found me in our community kitchen – and I learned to cook delicious vegan meals for staff and community. There was the baking fun time; I still play with the idea to open a vegan gluten free café sometimes.

The alchemist inside got creative with collecting and mixing herbs to teas, tinctures and natural remedies. I completely recharged in the pristine nature of the land as well as the daily focus on meditation and going inside.

It has been a time of intense stretching showing me what my passion truly is.

I discovered that the driving force behind all of my endeavors is actually very simple – I thrive on serving. True Service allows me to experience and share our brilliant light within with one another. I love it. Therefore it does not matter what I choose to do; as long as I stay true to myself, I will be fulfilled.

Now, there is a new chapter unfolding in my life (Chiron moved into Aries, and Mars into Capricorn). I want to focus on graphic design and working with clients. But a four years break in the digital era?

And just when I held my breath and doubted myself, I stumbled into the quote which says that every journey starts with one single step ….. so I took my first step and drew a bunny.