Alma del Tango

Ongoing event projects; the designs included posters, programs, theatrical banners, web ads, postcards and cd covers.

Brand: Divine Organics

Package design, logo, sales materials for a line of organic dried nuts and berries.

The challenge: cohesive design from label, sales flyer to trade-show banners. Products line contained approx. 70 items in various sizes.

Transition Nutrition

This is my first logo, whatsoever!
My partner and I launched our company in 2004, we had no idea what to sell and who we were, this was the creative brief!

Later Transition Nutrition became the umbrella company for two successful brands in the natural food industry.

Brand: Royal Himalayan

Logo, Package design and sales materials.

Since the salt crystals look like pink gems and have superior quality compared to regular sea salt, we choose a royal color palette and font. The crown has the word LOVE in it.

Packaging is kept simple and natural, biodegradable cellophane with sustainable label and ink. The Bathsalts label stand out with artwork.